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Exemplary work ethic: Market Research Pioneers 
Adroit-e is a quantitative market research company and we are experts at what we do. All of our research are tailor made to suit the needs of our clients. We do not use templates or generic questions. Instead, we work with our clients ‘backwards’, establishing first what they want to be able to tell from their results. Then jointly we create a questionnaire that is ‘just so’, to avoid any data or analysis “skews”. There's a difference between accurate and very accurate and the answer lies in selecting precise demographics. 

Defining the Research 

A straightforward four stage approach 
1. Market research design 
Outline what is keeping you awake at night – Adroit-e devises a question set – together we bat it back and forth until you are happy. 
2. Data Collection 
Adroit-e Research is primarily engaged in finding data that doesn't already exist. 
Research data collected via: 
Face to Face 
Touch screens 
Email Splash 
The data is checked nightly to see if we are getting the right sample. 
We create translations of the same questionnaire in community languages. 
3. Results & Reporting 
Rapid results, same – day, next day, next week, next month 
4. Reporting 
Deep drilling into the data 
Incisive, intelligent reporting 
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