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Monitor Cyber Bullying 
Attack cyber bullying in your school- first establish the facts-what are good practises in using Facebook etc.? - how effective are anti bullying lessons? - what is the extent of the bullying in your school? - does it follow the gender trend (more girls than boys) what do teachers think? 
These questions need answers - Adroit-e, in conjunction with a leading school in Herts, and a senior clinical psychologist has devised an easy survey system available now - special price reduction for 30 days only. 
Monitor SEN 
Monitor SEN is a comprehensive system which very accurately and systematically records, analyses and reports progress of performance in identified development areas or activities. 
Once Key Measures have been identified, these can be tracked using Handheld computers (PDA's). 
Data analysis, produced automatically, provides reports on identified individuals, groups and/or cohorts. 
The whole process is simple to use and provides accurate automated feedback quickly. 
Adroit-e Monitor has been developed with schools to monitor pupils/students progress in the areas of social, emotional and behavioural. 
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